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(A) Under Open Learning System - Correspondence Courses
Being correspondence courses, Study Material and assignments are sent to students through post /courier. Students are not required to attend the Institute at Lucknow.
Examination of all the correspondence courses is normally held at Lucknow. Examinations are also held at the authorised IIPM examination centres throughout India subject to the availability of sufficient number of examinees at the given place.
Online Examination for the benefit of the IIPM students the examinations can be administered “online”. Students of distance learning mode can take “online” examination anywhere in the world using a computer with Internet access. Effective use of online examination method can help distance learning mode students in numerous ways :
  • Cost: It is in the interest of distance learning mode students so as to save upon traveling cost, time & energy
  • Easy to use: Easy to use and students may give the exam from anywhere in the world using a computer with an internet facility. (They can appear in the exam even from a cyber cafe in there city).
  • Question: Questions are convenient to answer for the students, as they are in Objective/ Multiple choice form.
  • Result : The examinee can know the result as soon as he completes the exam.
Instructions for appearing in the online examination :
  • You are advised to contact the institute before taking an online examination.
  • To access the online exam you require a USER NAME and PASSWORD, Which will be assigned to you by the institute on submission of your examination form and the examination fee as instructed by the institute.
  • The user name & password will allow you to access the examination on the days allotted to you
Postal Examination : The Institute has provision for Postal Examination also. Under the postal examination scheme question papers will be sent to the student at the end of the course as per examination schedule intimated to him. Same are to be answered and returned to the Institute within 15 days after their receipt.
In the absence of any express option it is believed that student has opted for postal examination system.
Students are advised to despatch the answer sheets to the institute by registered post/Courier to ensure their timely receipt.Students may submit response sheets of term end examinations of all subjects or any of the subjects they feel convenient. If a student fails to submit the response sheets of the term end examination of one or more subjects within the required period, he shall have to appear for re-examination on payment of defaulter re-examination fee @ Rs. 200/- per subject. Such re-examination is arranged within one month on receiving request of the student.
Examination fee is charged @ Rs. 200/- per subject. The examination fee is paid to the Institute after the allotment of enrolment number and according to the examination schedule on prescribed format enclosed with the admission letter.
If student is not in a position to appear in the term end test as per examination schedule and want to postpone it, he should inform the Institute well in advance to avoid penalty of re-examination fee and request the period of such postponment. In such a case, his session/semester shall be extended accordingly.
Any student who fails in an examination can rewrite the paper in which he/she failed on payment of Rs.200 /-as re-examination fee for each such paper.
(B) Regular/Part Time Programmes :-
Regular/Part Time Courses are conducted at the Institute. Necessary Study Material is issued to every bonafide student from the Institute Library. However supporting books, if any, are to be purchased by students for their comprehensive studies.

Examination of Regular/Part Time Courses shall be held at Lucknow as per examination schedule notified from time to time.

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