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The Pharma Management Programmes Offered by IIPM are of very High Utility Value for :-
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* Fresh graduates who wish to seek an entry into the industry but cannot afford full time management     programs due to financial or any other constraints.
* Those who are already employed in an industry without any management qualification, but wish to acquire a widely recognized management qualification to further their career.
* Those who are already working in the industry and want to have additional qualifications for the role rotation or for a better and upward rise in the industry.
* Those who are already working with the industry but aspire to move into a managerial cadre.
* Personnel from the Armed Forces who want to rehabilitate themselves after retirement in the managerial or supervisory positions.
* Those aspiring to join as Management Trainee Medical Representative, Sales Executive, Area Business Manager, Product Manager, C&F agent of reputed Pharmaceutical      Companies or start one's own business.
Objective of the Course : in Pharmaceutical Marketing
The Pharmaceutical Industry in India is making rapid strides and the winds of change, globalisation and liberalisation is fast penetrating into the industry. It is therefore felt that a separate programme in Pharmaceutical Marketing should be floated in order to meet the emerging paradigm shifts in this industry. This course has been designed with the help of eminent experts so as to match the needs of the industry as well as that of the aspirant who wants to crave a niche for himself in the world of Pharmaceutical Marketing.
Programme objective of IIPM courses is to develop Expertise in various fields of Management. After successfully completion of IIPM programmes one has a promising career in the corporate world.
Career in Pharma Industry
About Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest industry in India, its demand for efficient manpower is continuously on the rise. The winds of change globalisation and liberalisation is fast penetrating into the industry.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is a company which produces/manufactures various medicines / drugs (Ayurvedic, Homeopathic or Allopathic) at various levels - the Basic level of Bulk/Formulation/Generics/Brands and supplies it to the end -user i.e. the patent through marketing and distribution network. Bulk Drug manufacturers are those involved in the production of the basic ingredient/raw material of a medicine.

Pharma Industry and its activities can be understood in an easier way by this simple illustration as below:

The Industry -

  Production -   Marketing -   Distribution -   End-User

The Pharma Industry in India ranks second next to Textiles. Among third world countries, India has been recognised by UNIDO, as one of the top ranking countries in terms of Production and Distribution of Pharma. At the time of Indian Independence the value of pharmaceuticals output was only Rs. 10 Crore bulk drugs into formulations with no production base. Today, the industry has grown in a gigantic way both in terms of output and product diversification.

At present, thee are over 15000 drug manufacturing units in the country with a predominance of small scale units. The relatively large scale units in the organised sector number about 250, including six FERA companies and 5 Units in public sector. There were 31 FERA companies with direct foreign equity exceeding 40 percent in March 1978 on the eve of the announcement of drug policy (1978). Since then most of them have diluted their foreign equity to 40% or below. Since then there are only 5 FERA companies viz., Alkali & Chemicals Ltd., (amalgamated with ICI), Bayer India Ltd., Johnson & Johnson Ltd., Roche products Ltd., Sandoz India Ltd., Wyeth Laboratories. The Public sector units are Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (IDPL), Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceuticals (BCPL), Bengal Immunity Ltd., (BIL) and Smithe Stainstreet Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (SSPL). The Organized sector units numbering about 250 (including 5 Fera + 5 Psu) account for nearly 70% of the Industry's total value of production. The national sector has witnessed a spectacular growth over the last two decades. It now accounts for 90% of the production of the industry including that of small-scale sector.

Career in Pharmaceutical Marketing
Scope in the Pharmaceutical marketing is commence. One who adopts this career, sky is the limit for him. A Pharmaceutical Marketing Executive is the key player in Pharmaceutical Marketing Sector. An individual may start his career as a Medical Representative / Research Executive / Product Executive / Business Development Executive and after 2 or 3 years he can get promotion in the company and become Area Manager (AM) or District Marketing Manager. After 5 to 6 years he can aspire to become regional manager. There after he can be considered for Zonal Manager / Sales Manager and thereafter Vice President of the company and other top positions
Who Can Become Pharmaceutical Marketing Executive
One should be graduate in any discipline. However Science / Pharma Graduates are preferred for the marketing / sales force in Pharma Industry. For the last 4-5 years there has been a change in this trend and non-science graduates (Like BA, B.Com, MBA etc.) are also being recruited by many pharmaceutical companies to strengthen their marketing / sales force but if non-science graduate want a good career they should join Pharma marketing Course from Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing. Under graduates can simultaneously takeup specialised courses of Pharmaceutical Marketing from IIPM. These programmes help them have an added advantage while applying for the post of pharmaceutical marketing executive / medical representatives etc.
Qualities Expected of a Pharma Marketing Executive
1) Interpersonal Relationship, 2) Sincerity, 3) Integrity4) Trust - worthiness, 5) Perseverance/Patience, 6) Salesmanship, 7) Achievement Orientation, 8) Good Health/Personality, 9) Hard Work, 10) Professional qualification from IIPM
Future Prospectus

In the wake of liberalisation of globalisation policy of government and GATT/WTO etc. competition has been intensified. More and more companies are coming with the latest technologies and research products. Indian Multinational companies are also changing their gears to meet the challenges of Post-Liberalisation period and to adapt and respond to changing environment. Now Pharmaceutical companies are not merely producing and selling the products but are more concentrating on the customer oriented integrated management action with managers having practical approach to simplify the decision making process. Even by a recent from IIPM, Pharmaceutical Career aspirants can think beyond Medical Representatives and Chemists as now new exciting careers in Product Management, Training and Development, Market Research, Corporate Communications, International Business Management, Production Planning are also open upto them.

Ordinarily a Pharmaceutical Marketing Executive starts with a salary of Rs. 5000/- onwards plus perks applicable as power company's policy and MNC's offer much higher starting scales i.e. Rs. 8000/- to 10000/-. The senior positions have comparatively attractive pay packets in the Industry.

Companies like Glaxo, Cadila, Cipla, Lupin, JK Pharma, Pfizer, Zandu, Dabour India, Bayer India, Ranbaxy, Orchid Chemical, Nicholas Pirmal, Torrent Pharma, Unichem, FDC, Dr. Reddy's Lab, Sun Pharma, TTL Pharma, Parke Davis, Smithkline Beecham etc. appoint fresh graduates preferably having added qualification in Pharmaceutical Marketing in their marketing divisions.

Myths and Remedies
It is generally believed that professionals in the Pharmaceutical Marketing keep on moving from one place to another thus remaining mostly on tours affecting their normal family life and causing health problems. It may be clarified that companies take due of there marketing persona on the move to ensure that they get all the comforts and due rest while on out station tours. Handsum Travelling Allowances and Daily Allowances are given to meet such expenses. Necessary briefings are given to avoid any risk affecting their person or routine life as such. Though initial couple of years do demand extensive legwork and tours, there is considerable decrease in outdoor work as one ascends on senior positions in the company. They get lucrative remunerations and perks to have a comfortable life
Courses Available In Pharmaceutical Marketing Management
Regular & Correspondence Courses are available in Pharmaceutical Marketing Management , 2 Year MBA (Pharmaceutical Marketing), 2 Year Masters Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing Management (Eqv. to MBA Level),One Year PG Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing, 6 Month Advance Diploma and 4 Month Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing ,  is offered by Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing, Lucknow. Website : www.iipmindia.com and e-mail : ( enquiry@iipmindia.com.)
Course Contents
The following areas are covered in the courses of Pharmaceutical Marketing: (1) Pharmaceutical Marketing Management, (2) Pharma Selling, (3) Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology, (4) Pharma Product Management, (5) Pharma Distribution Management, (6) Customer Behaviour (7) Advertising, (8) Pharmaceutical Marketing Communication, (9) Market Research, (10) Drug Law's, (11) Economics, (12) Manufacturing Practices in Pharmaceutical Industry, (13) Qualify Control Management, (14) Production Planning, (15) Fundamental of Management. + Practical Training + Case Studies and Introduction to Information Technology.
Objectives of the Courses
The Objectives of the programme are:

* To improve the quality and standard of Pharmaceutical professionals and to inculcate Management skills in such manner so as to make them help utilizing their unlimited potential in order to perform better in the competitive global environment.

* To strengthen and train the students technically and in modern management, marketing, selling and production skills and techniques.

* To open up new challenging careers for the students and professionals in Product Management Training & Development, Marketing, Production Planning and Corporate Communication.

* To instill confidence in students for facing G.D., Interviews & Written test of different companies.

* To make students understand the global Pharma Business Environment, and develop their attitude towards making it as a growth - oriented career.

* To make students develop their overall Personality, Communication skills, confidence through Group Discussion, Seminars, Simulated learning techniques, Presentations, etc.

* To help students of B. Pharma, B.Sc., B.Com., B.A., MBA, D. Pharma etc. wishing to make their career in Pharmaceutical filed.

* To train and develop Pharmacy graduates (B.Pharma / D. Pharma) and Post graduates (M. Pharma) to that level where they can think to join key areas like Product Management, Training Management, Marketing Research in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and can be a successful entrepreneurs

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