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Lateral Entry in MBA Pharma Courses
Lateral Entry:-
If you want to upgarde your 2 years Masters Diploma in Business Administration Program into 2 years Master Degree Course.
(A) Course: -> 2 Year MBA (Recognized By UGC/AICTE/DEC/Joint Committee)
  -> 4 Semester of 6 month each.
(B) Eligibility: -> for Lateral Entry into 3rd semester.
  -> 2 year Master Diploma in Business Administration(MDBA) from IIPM after graduation.
(C) Fee: -> a) Lumpsum Rs. 30000/-
  -> b) Installment Scheme: 1st installment Rs. 11000/-
  -> 2nd Installment Rs. 11000/-
  -> 3rd Installment Rs. 11000/-
(D) Spcialisation: Lateral Entry into 3rd Semester (you can select any one specialisation)
MBA-Advertising and Marketing Management MBA- Media & Journalism Management
MBA-Marketing Management MBA-Human Resource Management
MBA-Rural Development Management MBA-Retail Management
Master of Businee Administration (MBA-Core) MBA-Health Care Management
MBA-Pharma Management MBA-Social Work Management
MBA-Information Technology Management MBA-Finance Management
MBA-Hospital Management MBA-Production and Operation Management
MBA-Hospitality & Tourism Management MBA-Insurance Management
(E) Course Structure :
I) MBA - Advertising and Marketing Management(AMM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2713 ERP & MIS B-2718 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2714 Business Communication B-2719 Entrepreneurship  
B-2715 Foundation of Advertising B-2720 Campaign Media & Planning  
B-2716 Communication Mix & Advertising B-2721 Advertising Agency & Public Relations  
B-2717 Women's Law B-2722 Women's Rights  
  B-2723 Project Work  
II) MBA - Media & Journalism Management(MJM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2513 ERP & MIS B-2518 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2514 Business Communication B-2519 Entrepreneurship  
B-2515 Communication & Theory of Communication B-2520 Print & Electronic Media  
B-2516 Media Laws & Ethics B-2521 Advertising & Public Relation  
B-2517 Women’s Law B-2522 Women’s Rights  
  B-2523 Project Work  
III) MBA - Marketing Management(MM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-1613 ERP & MIS B-1618 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-1614 Business Communication B-1619 Entrepreneurship  
B-1615 Marketing Research B-1620 Principle of Sales Management  
B-1616 Advertising Management B-1621 Consumer Behaviour  
B-1617 Women’s Law B-1622 Women’s Rights  
  B-1623 Project Work  
IV) MBA - Rural Development Management(RDM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2913 ERP & MIS B-2918 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2914 Business Communication B-2919 Entrepreneurship  
B-2915 Rural Finance & Commercial Policy B-2920 Policy & Programme Intervention in Rural Development  
B-2916 Rural Sociology B-2921 Micro Finance  
B-2917 Women’s Law B-2922 Women's Rights  
  B-1523 Project Work  
V) MBA - Human Resource Management(HR)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2813 ERP & MIS B-2818 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2814 Business Communication B-2819 Entrepreneurship  
B-2815 Human Resourse Planning B-2820 Organization Development  
B-2816 Industrial Relations B-2821Organization Behaviour  
B-2817 Women’s Law B-2822 Women's Rights  
  B-2823 Project Work  
VI) MBA - Retail Management(RM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2213 ERP & MIS B-2218 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2214 Business Communication B-2219 Entrepreneurship  
B-2215 Retail Management B-2220 Retail Marketing Management  
B-2216 Retail Selling B-2221 Logistic & Supply Chain Management  
B-2217 Women’s Law B-2222 Women's Rights  
  B-2223 Project Work  
VII) MBA-Health Care Management(HCM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-1813 ERP & MIS B-1818 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-1814 Business Communication B-1819 Entrepreneurship  
B-1815 Health Care Management B-1820 Emerging Areas of Healthcare  
B-1816 Programmes of Health Care Systems B-1821 Hospital Planning  
B-1817 Women’s Law B-1822 Women's Rights  
  B-1823 Project Work  
VIII) MBA-Pharma Management(PM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-1913 ERP & MIS B-1918 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-1914 Business Communication B-1919 Entrepreneurship  
B-1915 Pharma Selling and Sales Management B-1920 Pharma Product Management  
B-1916 Anatomy, Physiology and Pharmacology B-1921 Pharma Distribution Management  
B-1917 Women’s Law B-1922 Women's Rights  
  B-1923 Project Work  
IX) MBA-Social Work Management(SWM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2613 ERP & MIS B-2618 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2614 Business Communication B-2619 Entrepreneurship  
B-2615 Psycho-Social Dynamics of Human Behavior B-2620 Social Welfare Administration & Social Action  
B-2616 Community Organisation: Theory & Practices B-2621 Social Policy & Planning  
B-2617 Women’s Law B-2622 Women's Rights  
  B-2623 Project Work  
X) MBA-Information Technology Management(ITM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2113 ERP & MIS B-2118 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2114 Business Communication B-219 Entrepreneurship  
B-2115 I.T. in Business Management B-2120 Development of Information System  
B-2116 I.T. Its Core Concepts & Issues B-2121 Important Application Areas of I.T.  
B-2117 Women’s Law B-2122 Women's Rights  
  B-2123 Project Work  
XI) MBA-Finance Management(FM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-1513 ERP & MIS B-1518 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-1514 Business Communication B-1519 Entrepreneurship  
B-1515 Multinational Financial Management B-1520 Working Capital Management  
B-1516 Financial Market & Services B-1521 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management  
B-1517 Women’s Law B-1522 Women's Rights  
  B-1523 Project Work  
XII) MBA-Hospital Management(HM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-1713 ERP & MIS B-1718 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-1714 Business Communication B-1719 Entrepreneurship  
B-1715 Essential Elements of Hospital Management B-1720 Medical Records and Hospital Inventory Management  
B-1716 Community Health, Demography & Biostatistics B-1721 Functional Hospital Organisation  
B-1717 Women’s Law B-1722 Women's Rights  
  B-1723 Project Work  
XIII) MBA-Production and Operation Management(POM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2413 ERP & MIS B-2418 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2414 Business Communication B-2419 Entrepreneurship  
B-2415 Material Management B-2420 Logistics & Supply Chain Management  
B-2416 Technology Management B-2421 Total Quality Management  
B-2417 Women’s Law B-2422 Women's Rights  
  B-2423 Project Work  
XIV) MBA-Hospitality & Tourism Management(HTM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2313 ERP & MIS B-2318 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2314 Business Communication B-2319 Entrepreneurship  
B-2315 Introduction to Tourism & hospitality Industry B-2320 Principles of Tourism  
B-2316 Hotel, Hostel & Hospital Housekeeping B-2321 Hospitality Management  
B-2317 Women’s Law B-2322 Women's Rights  
  B-2323 Project Work  
XV) MBA-Insurance Management(IM)
Semester 3 Semester 4  
B-2013 ERP & MIS B-2018 Quantitative Techniques for managers  
B-2014 Business Communication B-2019 Entrepreneurship  
B-2015 Insurance & Risk Management B-2020 Life & Non-Life Insurance  
B-2016 Insurance Business Environment B-2021 Management of Insurance Companies  
B-2017 Women’s Law B-2022 Women's Rights  
  B-2023 Project Work  
  * Degree awarded by Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University Jaipur
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