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MBA (Hospital Management)

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Health care industry in India has assumed significant importance and registered tremendous growth in recent years. The demand for quality healthcare is going to further increase with the increased awareness about health resulting in phenomenal growth of hospitals. The recent decision of the government allowing the entry of private agencies in health insurance is an important step to reach out to the vast majority of people who are without any insurance coverage. The corporate hospitals and other agencies will play an important role in the current scenario. Therefore, there is a need for a properly trained pool of hospital administrators who can design and deliver quality health services. On the other hand the expansion in health care industry has resulted in mushrooming of medical stores across the country which urgently need to be scientifically managed to meet the demand of this sector.

The primary objective of MBA program in Hospital Management is to train medical and non-medical graduates to undertake a wider range of administrative and managerial responsibilities within hospital organizations. This will help the hospitals to be managed professionally and in turn deliver quality healthcare to the patients.

MBA (Hospital Management) is industry-specific program prepares Pharmaceutical Executives with the knowledge and skills required to lead the industry in the 21st century.

 Masters Diploma in  Business Administration (Hospital Management)

Duration 2 Year ,   Eligibility : Any Degree
4 Semester of 6 month each
Compulsory subjects

PM 09 Managing Men
PM 12 Principles of Management
PM 19 Finance for Managers
Optional Subject (select any one)
PM 10 Business Environment
PM 40 Quantitative Techniques for Managers

*Award : Diploma in Management
Compulsory subjects

PM 14 Marketing Management
PM 18 Managerial Economics
PM 25 Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
Optional Subject (select any one)
PM 49 E-Commerce

*Award :Advance Diploma in Management

Compulsory subjects

PM 02 Principles of Hospital Planning.

PM 04 Essential Elements of Hospital  Administration.  

PM 61 Functional Hospital Organisation.

PM 64 Medical Records & Hospital Inventory Management.

Optional Subject (select any one)

PM 05 Community Health , Demography Health & Biostatistics.

PM 17 Anatomy, Physiology and  Pharmacology.

PM 50 Project work.

*Award : PG Diploma in Hospital Management. .

Compulsory subjects

PM 07 Business Communication.
PM 13 Business Laws.
PM 33 Project Management.

Optional Subject (Select One)

PM 17 Marketing Research.
PM 24 Corporate Governance and Business Ethics. 

*Award : MBA with Specialisaion Offered.

Note : PM 17 may be opted in Sem 3 0r Sem 4
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