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Pharma Marketing Programmes
PHARMA SELLING AND SALES MANAGEMENT (PM-01) : Selling And Marketing Concepts, Selling Process, Job Skills of Pharma Field Force, Sales Organisation, Sales Force Management, Sales Targets And Training, Motivation For Career Growth, Performance Appraisal. pHARMA DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT (PM-02) : Introduction to Pharma Distribution Management, Distribution Management in the Past, Present and Future, Wholesaling in Pharma Distribution, Retailing in Pharma Distribution, Nature and Function of C&FA, Role of Medical Representative in Pharma Distribution Physical Distribution-Transportation Warehouse-Inventory Control, Merger and Acquisition ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY (PM-03) Cell Structure, Elementary Tissues of the body and Blood Composition, Digestive System & Vitamins, Function of heart, blood pressure and cardio vascular disorders, Nervous system and parts of brain, Structure and Function of Skeletal Muscle, Endocrine Glands, Hormones & Physiology of Respiration, Urinary & Reproductive System, Structure and Function of different Organs of Body. PHARMA PRODUCT MANAGEMENT (PM-04) : Market Segmentation & Product Management, Role of Product Manager & Product Life Cycle, Product Portfolio Analysis & Development, Management of New Product Launch, Branding, Brand Creation & Market Testing, Factors Influencing The Brand In Product Life Cycle, Branding Strategies and Techniques. Paradigms in pharmaceutical industry (PM-05) : Discovery, Stability Testing & Clinical Trials of Medicines, Marketing Studies & Drug Surveillance with in Pharma Industry, Pharmaceutical Environment, Ethics & Practice, International/Multinational Pharma Scenario, Pharmaceutical Scenario-Indian Perspective, Intellectual Property Rights & Implication on the Indian Pharma Industry, Small Manufacturers & Drug Productivity, Drug Related Options & Future Trends. Preparation of Selection Procedure (PM-06) : Understanding Your Attitude, So what is a positive Attitude?, Potential, How to search a Job, Rewards for Medical Representative in Selling as a Career, Procedure of Selection, Criteria For Selecting A Medical Representative - A Check List, Criteria For Selecting A Front Line Manager, What is an Interview?, Key to Make Good Impact During The Interview, Factors Considered In Selecting The Job, Salary Structure And Remuneration, Specimen Sample of The Interview, Importance of Bio-data. Business Communication in Pharma Industry (PM-07): Business Communication : What it is all about, Forms of business communication, Design for effective communication, What should be communicated. And when, Putting ideas together for communication, How to communicate effectively, Key audiences in business communication, Verbal communication, Non-Verbal communication, Written communication, Using the right medium, Qualities of an effective communicator. Managing Men (PM-09) : Human Resource Development Systems, Personnel Management Environment in India, Functions and Operations of a Personnel Office, Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Selection and Induction, Staff Training and Development, Career Planning, Motivation and Productivity, Job Description, Analysis and Evaluation, Employee Motivation and job Enrichment, Performance Monitoring and Appraisal, Economic Background and Employee Compensation, Laws and Rules Governing Employee Benefits & Welfare, Compensation & Salary Administration, Regulatory Mechanisms Guiding Industrial Relations, Employee Discipline, Suspension, Retrenchment and Dismissal, Employee Grievance Handing, Trade Unionism, Employer's Associations, Collective Bargaining, Industrial Conflict Resolution, Industrial Democracy and Workers Participation in Management. International Marketing (PM-11) : Introduction to International Marketing, Selection of Products, Identification of Export Markets, Product Planning for Exports, International Marketing Channels, Business Communication in Export, International Marketing Logistics. PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT (PM-12) : Introduction to Management, Schools of Management Thought, Social Responsibility of Management, Process & Function of Management, Planning, Decision Making, Management By Objective, Concept of Organisation, Delegation of Authority, Centralisation & Decentralisation, Staffing, Direction, Leadership, Motivation, Communication, Control. BUSINESS LAWS (PM-13) : Company Law, Law of Contracts, Arbitration & Conciliation Act, Partnership Act, Special Business And Economic Laws. MARKETING MANAGEMENT (PM-14) : Introduction of Marketing Management, Marketing Planning, Marketing Research, Marketing Segmentation, Study of Consumer Behaviour, Product Development, Branding, Packaging and Labelling, Pricing Policies, Channels of Distribution, Management of Physical, Wholesale and Retail Distribution, Advertisement and Sales Management. Advertising Management (PM-16) : Advertising - its Purpose and Function, Advertising World, Advertising in Marketing Mix, Appeal in Advertising, Layout of Advertisement, Advertising Budget, Selection of Media for Advertising, Advertising Agency Functions, Selection & Co-ordination. Marketing Research (PM-17) : Introduction, Marketing Research Management, Value of Information, The Research Process, Scientific Method and Research Design, Secondary Data, Collection of Primary Data, Scaling Techniques, Sales Analysis and Forecasting, New Product Development and Test Marketing, Advertising Research. Managerial Economics (PM-18) : Introduction to Managerial Economics, Fundamental Concepts, Basic Techniques, Demand Concepts, Demand Analysis, Demand Elasticities and Demand Estimates, Demand Forecasting, Production Concepts and Analysis, Cost Concepts and Analysis, Empirical Estimates of Production and Costs, Market environment of price-output decisions, Analysis of Market structure - Large Group Case, Analysis of Market Structure - Small Group Case, Pricing Strategies and Tactics, Economic Theory of the firm, The Behavioural Theory of the firm, Managerial Theories of the firm, Profit concepts and Analysis Revisited, Capital Budgeting, Public Investment Decision, The Economics of Risk and Uncertainty. Finance for ManagerS (PM-19) : Accounting and its Functions, Accounting Concepts and Standards, Accounting Information and its Applications, Construction and Analysis of Profit and Loss Account, Construction and Analysis of Balance Sheet, Construction and Analysis of Funds Flow Statements, Understanding and Classifying Costs, Absorption and Marginal Costing, Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis, Variance Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Leverage Analysis, Budgeting and Budgetary Control, Investment Appraisal Methods, Management of Working Capital, Managing Cash Needs, Capital Structure, Dividend Decisions. Industiral Marketing (PM-20) Export Finance Procedures (PM-21) : Export Sales Contract And Incoterms, Terms of Payment In Exports, Export Finance, Letter of Credit, Exim Bank & ECGC, Export Pricing, Export Cargo Insurance, Packaging & Labeling. Export Finance Procedures (PM-22) : Export Sales Contract And Incoterms, Terms of Payment In Exports, Export Finance, Letter of Credit, Exim Bank & ECGC, Export Pricing, Export Cargo Insurance, Packaging & Labeling. Organisation Behaviour (PM-23) Project Work (PM-50) : With a view to channelise your thinking towards the application of the concept that you have learnt in the course of your study.
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